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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's 6 o'clock. we have gone from a damp over night to a dynamite day start as the flag blows in the breeze down down this morning. -- downtown this morning. marty is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at temperatures. skies have cleared nicely. what a great run of weather we're starting right here, right now. 68 on tv hill. it's going to be the exact same temperature as yesterday. the dew point two off the temperature. you would think it's still humid and in my face. not really. it's really feeling nice out there. 78 at lunch on a way to gentle high of 82. 77, beautiful this wednesday evening. if you're on your way to a drive, here is christy breslin
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in for sharon gibala at traffic control. >> if you're traveling on the beltway we're starting to see some volume pick up on the topside around charles street. average speed about 60. harrisburg expressway remains free and clear in both directions. no problems on 95 north or southbound. if you're on the outer loop from 83 to 95, 62 the average. that's a look at cold spring lane. for the most accurate and up to date traffic information you can always count on us at here is what people are talking about today. the president and the wife of mitt romney came to m md on the same -- maryland on the same day looking for the same thing, money. in this morning's campaign 2012 report a lot of people paid big bucks support
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their candidates. mike schuh is live as the race to the white house comes right here. >> reporter: they sure did, big bucks. there were three president al fundraisers yesterday, two by the president of the united states of america. >> the crowd loud as the president rallies his supporters in baltimore. >> the last thing we can do is return to the very policies that got us into this mess in the first place. not now, not with so much at stake baltimore. >> president obama started the day with a private fundraiser in ohhings mills -- owings mills. >> it was exciting. >> he met excited crowds. >> move ing forwards, not backwards. it's about the future generation and putting things in place for our family and kids. >> inspiring. >> the president wasn't the
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only campaign in town. ann romney threw her own event near bw i airport hosted by former governor bob urlik. >> we need the values of america to be brought back. >> the changing thing didn't work for 4 years. we suffered tremendously. >> the obama campaign can be wrapped up into one word, failure. >> the president fired back. >> my question is, why are you running with the same bad ideas that brought our economy to the brink of disaster. >> reporter: it's estimated the presidentbrought in over -- president brought in over $2 million. >> remember are wjz -- remember, wjz pledges complete coverage on air and at police have arrested george zimmerman's wife, shelly. she's accused of lying under oath to a
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judge during george zimmerman's bond hearing. it was an emotional day at the trial of former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. two key prosecution witnesses took the stand. >> prosecutors tried for a one-two punch in the child molestation trial of jerry sandusky. on the witness stand, one of the men at the center of the penn state scandal, former grad student mike mcquery. he testified he entered a campus locker room to find sandusky sexual assaulting a 10 or 12-year-old boy not shower. he said he heard a skin on skin smacking sound and saw sandusky standing behind a boy proposed up against the wall. he had no doubt he was witnessing an extremely sexual act. earlier an 18 year old accuser sobbed openly as he described being
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sexual assaulted by sandusky repeatedly from the time he was 12. he said oral sex would frequently happen at bedtime while his wife was upstairs. prosecutors asked why he never told or tried to stop it. i didn't know what to do with all the thoughts running through my head, my just kind of blacked out and didn't want it to happen. i froze. under correction sandusky's defense tried to find inconsistency in the testimony. if you want to argue about 9, 10, 11, 12, the fact is he had sex with a minor, a boy. sandusky locked eyes with mcquery when he first took the stand but had no visual reaction to the teen's story. >> another six accusers may be called ed to the witness stand before the trial is over. this morning police are issing for your help in finding a killer. last -- police are
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asking for your help in finding a killer. last night a man was found dead in his car. at this point it appears the man was shot. anyone with information is urged to con tact the police. the loyola university is mourning the death of a freshman lacrosse player. dan pomper died yesterday at his home. pomper played in one game during his freshman season. no word on the cause of his death. today arson investigators will continue to sift through the rubble for clues after a devastating fire destroys the historic hex building in fells point. mike hellgren hears from locals who remember that building as an parent part of their -- important part of their lives. >> flames detoured the old hex reliable store as 120 firefighters worked through blazing heat and blankets of smoke. >> the smoke was so thick you
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couldn't see nothing. >> it was raging out of control. >> the this 4-story building is where it began for the powerful retailer hex, one of the east coast's major department chains. reportedly the old tin ceilings were still upstairs. it hold special memories for denise white man. >> it broke my heart. my grand grandmother would go there and shop. it's sad and devastating. >> at this point what's left is so unstable inspectors say it could take days to term how it was ignited. >> yeah, it's gone now. they said it was hazard ous. i've learned here since 1958. it helped build a neighborhood because it's a historic building and we're losing so much of that on broadway now. >> it's now nothing but a
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shell. >> it's really disappointing. very sad . >> it took firefighters more than 4 hours to get the dmrams under control -- flames under control. in fells point mike hellgren. >> two firefighters are recovering from minor injuries. neighboring buildings were spared from serious damage. bryan roberts returned to the oriels line up for the first time in more than a year. he hit lead off in last night's game in the series opener with the pirates. he hit a single at his first at bat. he had three hits on the night. the oriels beat the pirates 8-6. roberts spoke about returning months after he wasn't certain if he was going to play baseball again. >> i got more emotional than i thought i was going to. it took me a second to gather myself. it was very special. much appreciated, that's for sure. >> game 2 of that inner league
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series between the o's and the pirates will be downtown tonight. weather is going to be beautiful too. it's going to be an absolutely spectacular day. high pressure has built in. we now have humidity peeling out of the area. it's a beautiful morning. temperatures in the upper 60s. 82 is going to be the high. just as gentle of an 82 as you want to feel it. let's go out to ran matz. i'm looking at the flag behind you. you've got this beautiful breeze out of the northwest. what a great day start. how is it going? >> reporter: if you haven't been outside yet, you're missing something. absolutely beautiful. what a perfect way to start the star spangled celebration. how about that. tall ship s coming in today. they're going to be at fells point, the inner harbor, coming up from norfolk. we're going to
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welcome them today. it's going to be a great time here in baltimore. we have your schedule, your preview, everything you need to know about celebration when the ynls news morning e -- when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ♪ oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. 68 right now, 90% humidity. that's -- there's that breeze at 5. 55 oakland, 63 cumberland, 67 elkin, 69 dc, the low 70s easton, ocean city and kent island and bel air, 69 rock hall, 68 in columbia. frontal boundary has moved out. high pressure has ridged in. the weather stays pleasant through the weekend. 82 is going to be the high today. just a great afternoon. this evening dinner time 77, partly cloudy. 62 over night.
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tomorrow sunshine a high of 80. 80 friday, 82 saturday, sunday and monday. just great. don, take it away. it should be pleasant on the pavement too. here is christy. >> not too bad out there. we have a couple of minor delays to watch for. southbound 295, some slowing from the ran doll mills boulevard. as far as 95 goes, in the southbound direction a minor slow down around white marsh. things pick up after you pass that area. as far as the beltway, average speed still 60. no trouble on the harrisburg expressway in either direction. you can see everything moving along 95 southbound at 32. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. back over to you, don. marty, thank you very much. >> it's 15 minutes after the
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hour, it's ron matz. good morning. how are you? >> reporter: good morning is the words for the day. it's a spectacular morning in baltimore. you got to get up and get outside. fabulous. you guys sneak out for a minute? >> maybe. >> sure . >> reporter: i won't tell. >> you take us to the break. we're going to take a break on the porch. >> that's fine. >> reporter: we're live at the inner harbor. celebration getting ready to begin. we have tracy from the office of promotion. how are you doing? >> fine. how are you? >> reporter: fine. we want to talk about the schedule of the tall ships and other vessels that are coming in. we want to give people an idea of where and when. >> it's not just the inner harbor. they will be in fells point as north locus point as well. they will be coming in today. some of the early ships
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will be fells point and locus point first and then later in the inner harbor. >> reporter: some ships coming from norfolk last night. >> yeah. >> reporter: we have a lot of big things happening here. let's talk about that. >> yeah, this is part of the celebration. not only can you tour the ships but it's a festival atmosphere. right here on rash field there's a ferris wheel, rock climbing wall. over the west shore we will have bands, entertain. ment -- entertainment, food. there's a children's area where they have crafts. >> reporter: you mentioned something about the free tours. when are they going to be happening? >> the tours start tomorrow. they're from 11:00 to 6:00 on the ships. there's an official welcome ceremony where the mayor
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will welcome all ships at 11:00. >> reporter: we have 18 tall ships, 10 u.s. naval vessels, 10 foreign naval vessels and four additional u.s. ships. this is going to be magnificent. >> we're expecting a good amount of folks to come visit. also think about transportation. we'll have hopefully just a great economic impact on the city of baltimore. >> reporter: we hope so. let's remind everybody that this first of the ships coming in -- the first ship is going to come into fells point. >> fells points and then locus point. they're expecting them to cross the key bridge in the 8 o'clock hour. of course everything is estimated with the ships and the times and the wind and all that. i think it's still going to be a great day. >> reporter: it will be. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: we want to mention our friend. marty, you helped get the story on the wjz eyewitness news. lumber
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hardware at lumber and ann street, a young woman did a tile mosaic of the 15 stars and stripes flag. it's 36 by 53. if you're driving down lumber street, look to your left at ann street and you will see it on the side of building. it's great. it took her about 3 weeks to do that. 6,000 pieces went in to making that moe saiz mosaic flag -- mosaic flag. >> this is an interesting thing. in fact, it's a yearlong event and it's putting fort mchenry on the map. people come to baltimore anyway. i think it's going to direct a lot of traffic to the fort that might not have gone there. that's a beautiful thing. it makes the
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license plates worthwhile. >> reporter: that's right. the uss fort mchenry will be the first ship coming in this morning. you will see it all right here on wjz 13 eyewitness news. it's going to be great. see you . have a good one. >> so see you -- see you. i didn't realize there was a ship named after fort mchenry. >> i had no idea either. still to come on wjz. >> the man behind the robocalls. july julius when -- jewel julius henson excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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22 minutes past 6:00. in just a few hours julius henson will learn his fate in the robocall election scandal. this morning he sits down only with wjz for his first indepth interview since he was convicted. he opens up about the ugly side of maryland politics. >> julius henson makes no apologies for the election night robocall he wrote to help republican bob urlik in his mid to beat martin o'malley. >> it was a clean call. >> democrat s called it dirty.
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maryland's attorney general and the state prosecutor went after him. >> why do you think they did that? >> unhappy, bitter, efl. >> evil -- evil. >> henson tells me he believes his prosecution was politically motivated. >> it was about trying to do something to do something who worked for a republican who should only work for democrats in their view. >> who do you think is behind this? >> the democratic hierarchy. you don't think governor o'malley has a hand in this? he was in the race. he appointed the state pros are cue to. -- prosecutor. i'm sure the first question he asked them in that interview is december is how do you feel about robo ball. -- robocall. >> the governor said he never spoke to them about the space. he said there was no evidence to prove former governor bob urlik
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knew about the robocall. >> do you think bob urlik knew about this? >> i don't know. i'm sure the state didn't want to find whether or not he knew. >> why? >> they with respect interested. they -- they weren't interested. they were saying let's talk to the african american people, let's do them in. >> do you think race plays a factor here? >> i do. >> how so? >> let me ask you this question. my co-defendant and i -- nobody got a warrant to raid his house. why was that? so if that's not some part of racism or something, what would you direct it as? >> henson points to the $1 million fine the judge slapped against him. his employee was also fined.
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>> paula was found guilty on four charges and didn't pay one single dime. rhonda russell wasn't charged with anything yet she was fined $10,000. you know, that's some preverse justice right there. >> his legal troubles haven't soured henson on political consulting. >> would you do this over again? would you make that call? >> i'm sure in the future i'll be in a position to write a call so i'll be making calls again, but i won't be making this call. >> today wjz will be in the courtroom for henson's sentencing. next up this morning here on wjz. >> good morning. an unmanned drone crashes into the eastern shore. coming up, why this incident is sparking new concerns.
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>> millions from maryland, i'm mike schuh live at the hyatt with the presidential campaign came to town. a report next. >> two teenagers are in police custody after throwing a bottle bomb at a 6-year-old girl. now parents in ann arundel are on high alert. that story coming up. >> i'm christy breslin. some slowing on southbound 295 and a new accident in baltimore city. i'll have all the details. >> bullying is everywhere, even actor will more valdarama starts a campaign to stomp out bullying. he tells us all about it on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30. it remains a dine mate day start. lots of sunshine, less humidity and less of a breeze.
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it's christy in for sharon and marty is at first warning weather. >> 68 right now on tv hill. that's going to be the exact same temperature but not the same feel as yesterday morning. by lunch 78 on a way to a high of a gentle 82. 77, beautiful this wednesday evening. don. how about the rush right now? here is christy breslin with wjz traffic control. >> southbound 295 we still have minor delay there past 32. same situation on southbound 95 at white marsh boulevard. the beltway still moving well, average speed about 60. we have a new accident in baltimore, that's shannon drive at dougly avenue. travel times on the outer loop 58. things are moving along fairly well on the west side at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you
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by toyota. stop in and test drive the new 2012 camry. it's ready. are you? don, back to you. at the top of the news, the $100 million military drone that crashed on the eastern shore. there's questions about what it was doing there and how many are flying over the state of maryland. >> right now drone red sox mostly cruise -- drones are mostly used over sea ises but their prez -- seas but their presence in the u.s. is about to increase. >> it fell from the sky with a boom. this comes a lot of questions. >> i know that they used them in iraq and afghanistan. i was surprised. >> the drone that crashed into the eastern shore was on a routine test flight. right now unmanned aircrafts are used as border surveillance or to do
6:32 am
surveillance. >> this year they're going to grow. >> mark white is now the aif aviation team leader. he said the number of unmanned aircrafts patrolling the sus going to explode. >> that's because congress has orderered them here -- ordered them here by 2015. >> they will be used for surveillance. >> the concern has been raised of sharing the high with commercial aircrafts and having one hijacked by terrorists. while there are valid uses, the kings need to be worked out. >> we were lucky it crashed into a marsh. can you say it's going to happen that way every thousand? >> drones can be flown by
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operators up to a thousand miles away. the northern colorado fire has grown to 68 miles and destroyed 100 buildings and killed one woman. that is said to be 10% contained now. >> we're here for the if -- for the long haul. we're getting things in place. we feel like we're getting our feet solidly under us. in new mexico firefighters are starting to be able to contain the two huge wild fires there. back here in maryland the spot house for the race to the white house shines on us. the president and the wife of mitt romney attended big money fundraisers in our area. mike schuh is live with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. both cam
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paigns did come to town, including a stop by the president here at the hyatt. when they left, they took well over $2 million with them. >> the crowd cheered as the president rallies his supporters in baltimore. >> the last thing we can do is return to the very policy that is got us into this mess in the first place. not now, not with so much at stake baltimore. >> president obama started the day with a private fundraiser in okays mills. >> it was exciting. police car cars, vans. >> then he met excited crowds at the inner harbor hyatt. >> moving forward, not backwards. it's all about the future generations and putting things in place for our family and kids in baltimore. >> inspiring. one word, inspiring. >> the president wasn't the only campaign in town. ann romney threw her own event near bwi airport hosted by form more
6:35 am
governor -- former governor bob urlik. >> we need the values of america to be brought back. >> changing things didn't work for 4 years. we suffered tremendously. >> the om baa ma campaign can be -- the obama campaign can be wrapped up in one word, failure. >> president obama fired back. >> lie why are you -- why are you run aring with the same -- running with the same bad ideas. >> reporter: there's a survey out that shows that marylanders have given -- or are 11th in the amount of money they have given to the presidential campaign so far this year. back to you on tv hill. >> remember wjz pledges complete coverage of campaign 2012 with the latest on air and at maryland's state delegate tiffany austin may have to step down. the democrat was charged with using state funds to pay an
6:36 am
employee in her law office. defense attorneys claim that employee performed legislation work for her there. austin also is facing separate charges of using campaign funds to pay for some of her wedding expenses. in alabama the man accused of killing three people near auburn university is behind bars. 22-year-old desmonte leonard surrendered to police last night. a manhunt was laufrnged for -- launched for him after a killing of with three people, including two auburn football play ers. here is the coach talking about losing those two men. >> i try to explain to them that this is a grieving process and there's no right and no wrong. everything is going to feel the way they do, there's no guilt in there. that's going to be a lot of tears. there's going to be a lot of so alimony faces. -- solum faces. battle ltimore police are investigating a report of a rape that began in federal hill.
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the woman told police she was raped after she left a bar in south baltimore. she told police she woke up an hour later laying in a front lawn at lake avenue. her attacker is being described as a man with a short haircut wearing a green t-shirt. two teens are in custody in ann arundel after being accused oh of throwing a bottle bomb at a 6-year-old. this isn't the first time the explosives have shown up in that county this year. >> from the distance they look like any other bottle. in just a few seconds they can become deadly. >> can be extremely dangerous. >> ann arundel county fire captain says besides being dangerous they're unfortunately popular things to sources a -- thanks to source like the internet. yesterday a 6-year-old girl came into the way of being seriously injured
6:38 am
at this place ground after two teenagers threw a bottle bomb at her while she played. >> my kids do it all the time. they see an empty bottle -- my # 2-year-old picks -- my 2 year old picks it up. >> it's sad. >> this is the sixth investigated ann arundel has investigated this year. >> the teenagers were found a few feet away from this playground. they were sitting on these bleachers next to household cleaning goods used to make a bottle bomb. >> the teens are in custody facing felony charges. >> i don't think kids understand the consequences of what happens to the stuff they find on the internet. >> spotting a bottle bomb could be challenging but there are some characteristics that stand out. >> devices that may have odor or have their sides swelling out that there's increased pressure with them should raise
6:39 am
suspicious. >> investigators are now working to determine if the teens can be connected to other bottle bomb explosions. investigators are looking for a man who made a fake distress call. >> we have three deceased, nine injured, we've had an explosion on board. >> rescue crews spent 4 hours searching for a non-existent shot. the call was later traced to land. >> many of the hoaxed call you can tell they're from children or someone who might not be completely in charge. at this point this person was calm but giving us a convincing story as to what the nature was. >> the search operation cost at least $100,000. a criminal investigation is now underway. the oriels have won three in
6:40 am
a row and had some more inner league play with the pirates. bryan roberts made his return and showed no signs of the concussion sum similar -- symptoms that kept him out for more than a year. the oriels won 8-6. add do am -- adam jones welcomed his team meat back with a shaiing cream pie to the face. the thunder lead the heat by one game in the nba files. kevin occur lant scored -- durant scored 36 points. the thunder win 105-94. game 2 is tomorrow night also in oklahoma city. >> it's a weather man's dream nba final, the heat and the thunder. >> you're right. >> i got to be honest with you, the thunder are going to take
6:41 am
down the miami heat. once again, that's my prediction. am i wrong? >> no. >> it's not that the heat are a lousy team. >> i'm in the counting -- i'm not counting labron out yet. >> start it. kevin durant, wow. marylander. >> wow . it's going to be an absolutely beautiful day. beautiful weather tonight for the oriels pirates game. 77 dinner time, about the time they throw out the first pitch. the day's high is going to be 82 after the lunchtime temperature of 78. wait until you see the week's end and weekend forecast. it's enough for its own standing ovation. >> okay. >> come ing up on coffee with, that's wilmer valdarama. that's an alpha male in hollywood.
6:42 am
wilmer was bullied as a kid and jumping in with nerds to let other kids know i'm in your corner and this is going to stop. it's great coffer coffee -- coughffee with. that first warning weather forecast and traffic. >> e-mail your favorite photo of your grad. look for them as part of a big slide show at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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68 right now, 90% humidity. gentle breeze at 5. dew point has dropped by a degree. the weather is going to be super starting today. 63 cumberland, 54 oakland, 69 dc, 67 elkin, 68 columbia, 64 westminster.
6:46 am
frontal boundary gets through the area. game set match and gone. here is your forecast. 82 is going to be the high today. 77 at dinner time. a lovely evening. over night partly cloudy 62. tomorrow we'll kick it up to 80 0 -- 80 with a ton of sun. low humidity, gentle breezes. what are the current condition ones -- conditions on the commute? here is christy breslin. >> definitely getting busier out there. we're still watching that accident in baltimore city. it's shannon drive at dougly avenue. as far as the beltway goes, on the west side, stop and go from security boulevard to edmond son avenue. we still have the delay on southbound 295 from 195 to route 100. if you are traveling southbound 95, you will still see some brake lights towards white marsh boulevard. things are slowing down on the
6:47 am
west, to the left side of your screen at liberty road. we will take another live look. you can see things definitely slow 95 south of the white marsh boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. don and marty, back to you. this morning's coffee with is with wilmer valdarama. >> we will roll tape right now. you said let's rock and roll. that's the right guy to say it. huge crowned round of -- huge round of applaud mrauz. >> -- aplows. -- applause. >> how is it going? >> very good. >> listen , let's talk about a very big deal, this bullying thing. i'm glad to see you jumped on this. you're an alpha male kind of guy.
6:48 am
bullying is just wrong. >> i was going to say a stronger word. >> take it away. >> identify said that -- i've said that word many times. >> it's the trut too. >> -- truth too. >> the last couple of years i've seen how the industry, you know, has attempted to really inspire kids to embrace change. we've also seen how this crisis of bullying and cyber bullying has rapidly increased and evolved within the mediums general. i'll tell you, it was a time -- it wasn't until i embraced this campaign, until i came together with stomp out bullying and wonka where we found the right campaign. it stands for empowering the young teens out there to embrace their inner
6:49 am
selves, individually staying in touch with their roots. being different is what's cool. that to me is the thing that drove me the most about this campaign and how different it is from all the other antibullying campaigns. this is what i think, with a lot of the campaigns -- i understand this is a problem, but it's about a time that we put in the understanding the solution and giving the kids and the teens out there a direction. you know, a new set of skills that dictate where they want to be. >> marty mentioned you're an alpha male, you mentioned the fact that some people are different. i would imagine you're interest in theater would make you different. did you experience bullying? >> oh, yeah, for sure. that's why i'm so passionate about this cause and so passionate about united. i was a nerd my entire life. it takes a nerd to create
6:50 am
faz on that 70s show. i think that, you know, going back to my early days when i came back to the united states, when i came back to the united states in '94 i was 13 or 14 years old, i didn't know how to speak english or count to three. once i learned how the speak english i had a crazy accent. at that point from other kids you're assumed to be inferior, you're somewhat dumb. at that time it wasn't until i embraced who i really was and my individual self and my ability to be different and never forgetting my roots that i was able to stand my ground and sustain myself. as i walked into this industry, which continues to be as bullying as anyone, you're able to be happy as long as you
6:51 am
do and say and are what you're meant to be. >> very good. >> here is the facebook page of nerds unit. if it gets ten thousand likes, which could happen this afternoon, wonka is going to donate $25,000 to stomp out bullying. unfortunately our time has ran short. hopefully you'll be doing another tour on this subject again. >> thanks so much. big heldlo to everyone and all the fans out there. >> thank you. >> there it is, facebook. nerds you unite, embrace your inner nerd. that's not a bad thing. that's not a bad thing at all. i've always lived by this one creed of particularly if it's somebody who is trying to be -- every once in a while you can't believe what everybody says to us. i just look at him and say you think about me, ranks no higher than number 11 on who gives a list and mean it.
6:52 am
embrace that one, kids. feel free to use it. we're takeing a break and -- we're taking a break and coming right back.,,,,
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5 minutes until 7:00. here come your updates. >> today we're going to be a high of 82. just beautiful. no tough er than that. here is christy breslin with traffic control. good morning. a couple of problems on 95. in the northbound direction we have an accident at 32. southbound 95 still crawling from white marsh
6:55 am
boulevard passed the beltway. the west side outer loop, expect 20 minutes from liberty road to edmond son. southbound 295 still sluggish. we still have that accident we're watching in baltimore city, shannon drive at dougly avenue . let's take a lye -- live look. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. you can visit online for your free consultation. the president and the wife of mitt romney come to maryland looking to add money to their campaign. the president started the day with a private fundraiser then came to the city at the inner harbor hyatt the pete with supporters. -- to meet with supporters. ann romney was also at an event at bwi airport. jewel ulius henson will be
6:56 am
sentenced for the election day robocall scandal. he could face up to a year if prison and a $1,000 fine. he was found guilty of conspiracy for failing to include a campaign authority line. baltimore county police are asking for your help in finding a killer. last night a man was found dead in his car in the parkville area. the man appears to have been shot. anyone with information is urged to contact baltimore city county. a new markets report says md -- a new marketing report says maryland can support a new casino. it said it can sustain a sixth potential casino. it included of d how much it would -- included how much it would effect the others in existence. stay with wjz 13, maryland's ♪
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